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How it all Started

"Always have a Plan C, D & E" - Laurie King

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Born in San Francisco, CA, Laurie grew up bouncing between three very different environments - San Francisco, Toronto, Canada and Key West, FL.  The variety of cultures and experiences taught Laurie how to thrive in any setting.  She considers this ability one of her greatest assets.  Laurie made a name for herself in the South Florida residential real estate development industry starting in the 1990s.  She quickly became known for the thoroughness of her advance planning, the exceptional quality of her work product and ability to lead in emergency situations.  She worked with a couple of large developers for several years - until a former employer insisted she start her own business, so he could be the first client.  

She started King Enterprise USA, Inc. in 2001 and has enjoyed helping clients with a wide variety of projects.  Her familiarity with legal language, construction, customer service and government agencies gives her a comprehensive understanding of how various components can affect the whole.  According to many clients and colleagues, her super powers are planning and organizing.  

Laurie is an avid knitter, enjoys reading science fiction, dabbles in writing, adores everyone's fur babies, loves action movies and enjoys cold weather.   She finds hosting workshops and lectures very fulfilling. 

The Easy Way... Instead of the Hard Way

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With decades of success in business, Laurie is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs.  She has learned through experience what the best language is for a proposal, how to invoice clients to ensure consistently prompt payment, what pitfalls to avoid and what opportunities shouldn't be missed.  

Why King Enterprise USA?

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We are your ibuprofen .. or acetaminophen 

We will relieve the pain and stress of all those things 

on the "to do" list 

that you just don't have the time to get to

administrative assistance

system optimization

organizing for efficiency and growth

business consulting

continuity planning